ITCC Quality Policy

ITCC aims at being the pioneer in the production of galvanized steel tubes and conduits.
It maintains several facilities for manufacturing, assembly, consulting and design responding to needs in the fields of electrical conduits, scaffoldings, sign posts, fences, greenhouses and handrails covering the Middle East and International markets.

Within ITCC we are committed to providing products and services with timely delivery and of high quality, meeting all our customers specifications.
We are committed to setting and achieving quality standards that meet specified requirements and expectations of our customers. We also take into account evolving needs and expectations.

ITCC developed a Quality Management System that conforms to the ISO9001:2000 requirements in addition to other regulatory requirements, directives and standards appropriate for business such as UL Standards, EC Marking, DIN and BS Directives.

The Quality Management System (QMS) enables our organisation to provide and maintain consistently high quality in all work that we undertake.
Our QMS ensures that proper communication, work control and accountable traceability records are generated for all work undertaken.


All ITCC employees are tasked with promoting these aims and are required to adhere to our quality manual.
Our manual defines the Quality Management System that has been adopted as the means for achieving our organisations objectives, via regular management reviews.
All parties, suppliers and subcontractors cooperating with ITCC receive the necessary support to conform to our strict QMS policies.

Our Quality Assurance Manager based at ITCC’s main office is the appointed management representative responsible for monitoring and ensuring the correct and effective implementation of the ITCC Quality Management System as a whole.

The principle of Total Quality Management,is to ensure a continuous improvement application in every aspect of our activities.

Quality is the responsibility of everyone, in every activity throughout the organisation.

This quality policy provides the framework for establishing quality objectives which are integrated into the company's strategic plan.