OUR PRODUCTS / Scaffolding & Formwork


ITCC Scaffolding system is one of the most efficient supporting systems. The system provides simplicity and versatility. It is also faster at striking and dismantling. It can be erected for straight and curved structural elements. All our ITCC scaffolding tubes are produced as per BS EN 39:2001.

Main Features are:
-The world’s most widely used scaffold system.
-Tubes are hot dip galvanized, corrosion resistant    (optional).
-Highly damage resistant.
-Provides greater load capacity on assembly. 
ITCC Scaffolding Quality:
ITCC Scaffolding system elements are engineered and made from high quality steel. The ITCC scaffolding system is available in painted steel and hot dip galvanized steel.
The hot dip galvanized steel enables the system to resist rust, corrosion or damages that might...


Installation Method:
ITCC scaffolding system is a node point connection that allows up to four horizontal standards to be connected to vertical members in one single action without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups. A fixed lower cup, which is welded to the Standard at pre-located intervals, and a sliding upper cup which can be moved down and tightened by a hammer blow to ensure a rigid connection. The forged blade end of the Ledgers are inserted into the lower cup and then enforced by the close-fitted grip of the upper cup. 

ITCC Scaffolding System’s Components:
1. Standards. 2. Ledgers. 3. Accessories. 4. Heads. 5. Bases.