Chain Link Fencing remains the favourite for residential and industrial needs, as it is still one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to provide security and access control, with see through boundary definition, that requires minimal maintenance after installation. 

ITCC provides products that comply entirely with international standards and specifications: ASTM, ARAMCO, BSI, & SSD.

ITCC also provides complete Typical Fence Systems of chain link security fencing that combines strength with the most cost effective means according to customers’ special requirements and needs.

Fencing mainly consists of four elements, all of which are available,
in Hot Dipped Galvanized &/or PVC coat/UV paint coat :


Tubular steel framework consists of four components :
Corner/End Straining Posts, Intermediate Line Posts, Brace/Top Rail Posts, and Gate Posts.


Consists of four components :
Chain Link, Barbed Wire, Concertina Razor, and Tension Wire.


The Fittings are the accessories hardware used for the assembly of the fabric on the framework and are available in both heavy & light systems.


The Gates are provided in single/double/sliding bolted/welded construction systems.


ITCC offers installation and drawing designs support according to customer’s specific requirements.


Revolutionary Quality:

ITCC manufactures the most specified and requested framework in the fencing industry, Zinc-Tech. It is manufactured through cold-formed steel which provides high yield and tensile strength, followed by a uniform Tripple Layer of Corrosion protection.

The Zinc-Tech has a superior strength in gauge as well as weight and  it is 33% stronger than Schedule40.

Technical Specifications:

Steel: Black steel strip used in the manufacturing of pipe and it is a cold rolled forming with a minimum yield stength of 50,000 PSI.Conforms to ASTM A53

Zinc: a continuous hot-dipped galvanized Coating on OD is a special high grade Zinc. Zinc-rich ID coating protects against condensation build-up that causes the pipe to rust. Conforms to ASTM B6.

Conversion Coating: applied over the surface of the Zinc to enhance corrosion resistance.

Organic Clear Coating: applied over the conversion coating. It is manufactured from high grade raw materials that maintains a shiny appearance in all climates, even during severe atmospheric conditions.