When it comes to safety and choosing wisely, our Steel Conduits are your answer. From construction to transportation, they offer the best protection for any type of conductors as well as ensure the safety of most enlcosed wire probes. In addtion, our specialized Steel Conduits serve as a grouding conductor. 

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At ITCC, we produce our steel conduit by first rolling our own tubing from high grade mild steel strips then  
by welding it and finally by hot dip galvanizing it, using our very own Zinc-Tech process that combines Zinc,
a conversion of coat and an an organic coating.The inside of the conduit is made of a corrosion resistant lubricating coating to ensure an easier wire pulling.

The Outcome:

-An outstanding performance.
-A far superior finish and product appearance.
-Increased tensile and yield for a stronger product.
-Easy wire pulling.
-Better fabrication properties: cutting, bending and welding.
-Shielding magnetic field.


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